Ways To Feel Instantly Uplifted

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

I have spent most of my life figuring out ways to feel better. This has been one of the biggest struggles. So, here I am listing some tried and tested ways that can help anyone overcome the storm of emotions.

Not eating right or not eating fully can be one of the reasons for your high irritation level and low energy. So, you must eat until you are full and that too on time. Include fresh fruits, raw veggies, freshly prepared home-cooked food and vegetable juices in your diet. My energy level drastically improves after consuming raw food and following a set routine for all my meals. On the other hand, not eating enough keeps my mind hyperactive.

Drinking enough water is essential to proper brain functioning and easy body movement. The habit of drinking 8–9 glasses of water each day can ensure your good health in the long term. It helps release waste from the body, maximizes physical performance, cuts down extra inches, fights multiple illnesses, boosts energy levels, takes away mental anxiety and so much more. Make an effort to include this simple habit in your routine.

Get up, wear your shoes and go out for a walk. Push yourself to take that one step and a better mood will follow. Do anything; walking or exercising, running or gymming, and create an intention to be physically active throughout the day. A physically active person is mentally active too. The more you sit, the higher are the chances of ruined physical and mental health. The more you move, the more likely it is that your emotions and body will be stable.

Cooking your favourite dish, painting peacefully, dancing your heart out, singing out loud or any creative activity can give you a new life force. One must have a life with multiple dimensions. Don’t let yourself get defined by one job or just one passion or just one relationship. If one thing isn’t working out in your life, you must have something else to look forward to.

One of the most undermined tools of being happy is expressing gratitude. List down all the good things that you are blessed with. Include experiences, relationships, health, materialistic things that make your life easy. You will see your emotions shift from grumbling to contentment. The complaints that were making you feel low will disappear. The simplest but the most powerful thing to do each day.

Often, stress makes our breathing shallow and short, which further leads to more anxiety, restlessness and nervousness. All we need to do is to achieve longer and deeper breaths to reduce those negative emotions. It is advisable to practice pranayama every day. Pranayama can act as an instant mood and energy booster for anyone.

Chanting is one of the most powerful ways to settle your mind down. You can either chant yourself or listen to recorded chanting for some time. It easily transports you into a meditative state. I resort to chanting almost every day. This will suck all the negativity and create positive vibrations within you and in the space around you.

We are all aware of how beneficial meditation is, but hardly consider it an option. Let me tell you, it is for everyone. I would repeat, it is for everyone. Most people say that it is difficult for them to sit still with closed eyes. Well, it’s not, if you know the trick. You must go for a walk, or do some asanas before you sit to meditate. This one is guaranteed to take you a long way.

Wrong and disturbed sleep cycles are one of the reasons for disturbing emotions. The night is dark so that you can sleep and send your body into repair mode. The day has sunlight so that you can work using all your energy. When I wake up early, I often feel a sense of lightness in my body, which helps to sort out a lot of things for the rest of the day. On the other hand, sleeping late and waking up late make me lethargic and irritated.

I have started this recently and love doing it. Take a paper and pen and write everything that you want or everything that you want to become. If you want to feel happy, write ‘I am happy,’ if you want to feel stronger, write ‘I am strong,’ and similarly, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am productive’, ‘I have healthy relationships’, and so on. It could be the easiest and quickest way to feel better.

Again, you require a pen, paper or note application on your phone to write every nonsense that is bothering you. Write everything. Not everyone has people they can talk to. Make your diary witness your hardships and struggles and feel free after you are done.

The cluttered space can make your anxiety go worse. However, clean surroundings help you with clarity and peace of mind. It is important we clean our room, cupboards, drawers from time to time. Get rid of the things (clothes, books, kitchen essentials, stationery) that do not serve any purpose. By discarding what is not needed, you make space for things that you actually need in life.

Spiritual inclination has been my biggest source of strength since I was a child (thanks to my ever-inspiring and resilient mother). We need to understand that the power that has brought us into this world is also looking after us in the best possible way. When you feel that connection with a higher force, your troubles don’t only remain yours. They are taken care of. The lowest of the low days are the ones when you have to remind yourself, you are much more powerful than your situations. Have a will to rise over and over again. No matter how many times you fall.

Our emotions affect our productivity, relationships and overall quality of life. Therefore, it becomes more important to bring in necessary lifestyle changes to clear out mental and emotional clutter. Making them part of consistent practice is required as no transformation is achieved overnight.

Finding my purpose and learning to keep going.