Let’s Celebrate the change as I didn’t see it coming.

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As you grow up, the world around you widens up. You experience your old concepts and behavioural patterns going for a toss. This is where you realise the necessity of some serious changes within you.

But along with those changes, comes a confident part of you that wants to embrace and recognise the imperfect you.

The past two birthdays have been about experiencing that shift. There is a newness and freedom that I knew I had within but couldn’t bring into complete expression.

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I have spent most of my life figuring out ways to feel better. This has been one of the biggest struggles. So, here I am listing some tried and tested ways that can help anyone overcome the storm of emotions.

1. Eat Well

Not eating right or not eating fully can be one of the reasons for your high irritation level and low energy. So, you must eat until you are full and that too on time. Include fresh fruits, raw veggies, freshly prepared home-cooked food and vegetable juices in your diet. My energy level drastically improves after consuming raw food and following…

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Are you breathing? Well, your answer would be yes. But are you aware of the fact that you are breathing every three seconds? Probably no, because this task happens without any self-effort. It is the core of our existence, the most essential and consistent activity that we do but we are rarely mindful of it. But what if we become more conscious of it? Or what if we start putting our effort into it?

The researchers say, breathing helps to release 70% of toxins in your body and can cure most diseases. …

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The Story Behind

Basant Panchami is an Indian festival that is celebrated all across the country on the fifth day of the Hindu month, Magha. It is the day of the goddess Saraswathi. There is a story behind it which goes like Lord Brahma, after creating the universe, went on a journey to see his creation and was fairly disappointed because of the silence all around. He took water from his oblong pot and sprinkled a few droplets in the air. Hence, goddess Saraswathi appeared with a harp, a musical instrument in her hand. Lord Brahma requested her to add music to the…

Ankita Kathuria

Finding my purpose and learning to keep going.

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